Introductory workshops are every Tuesday evening, between 7:00pm and 10:00pm at 7817 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 Tele: (323) 879-9759. 

Between 7:00 and 7:30pm, the basics of Identity Development will be discussed. From 7:30 to 10pm we will demonstrate two I.D. sessions derived from Professor Franz Rupert's Identity Constellation work using the Intention Method. After observing one Identity Development Session, anyone is welcome to participate.  

Attendance is $20, if paid in advance, $25 at the door. Starting in January of 2019, there will be an additional $150 to participate as a subject of an I.D. session.  The workshop is open to healthcare professionals and anyone interested in personal growth and self-exploration.


This is an open and ongoing workshop. Newcomers are welcome as well as students and interested healthcare professionals. We will conduct a day long seminar on Identity Development with as many I.D. sessions as possible. This will be on the second Saturday of each month from 10:00am to 1:00pm at 7817 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 Tele: (323) 879-9759. 

This workshop is designed to provide an opportunity for those who have a growing interest in Identity Development and in the research and clinical work behind it, including IoPT, Family Constellations and the "new sciences." We will work to support each other and to do continuing personal examination and exploration. 

This is not a closed group and attendance is not compulsory.


Attendance is $20 in advance and $25 on the day of. Starting in January of 2019, those choosing to do an I.D. session will pay $125 on top of their attendance fee. Generally five to six I.D.s can be done in a full day’s workshop.

Whether doing a group session or one-on-one work, it is recommended to allow two to four weeks between personal sessions to fully process what has been experienced. 

After an I.D. session, an Institute facilitator will be available by phone to help process when necessary what has emerged. Because this work is not therapy, nor a substitute for therapy, we strongly recommend that participants consider working with a licensed therapist as well.

*It is possible to register for either the Open Evenings or Ongoing Workshop Support Group at the door at the time of the event.


Online group I.D. sessions are available. In this process there are at least three resonators and an Institute facilitator who responds to the the subject’s sentence of intention. Generally the subject will remain in a chair. The group of resonators and facilitator will be seen on video.

It is recommended that the subject have a high quality headset to be able to hear the session as clearly as possible.

Cost: $400


It is possible to have a facilitator bring three or more resonators for a home visit. This allows for the subject to have complete privacy and work in his/her home environment . The subject can also bring friends and relatives to act as observers as well as resonators. 

Cost: Begins at $700

ONE-TO-ONE TUTORIALS with only a facilitator are also available at our facility, online or at home. See Tutorials for details.