Self Examination

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Some of us, from a very early age, have sensed that we were on a journey. As the Greeks made clear - an unexamined life is not worth living. But examining one’s life has never been easy, maybe even harder today in our fast-paced, high tech world.

This is where The Institute, with its Identity Development sessions can be of great value.

I.D. sessions are a compliment to nearly all other forms of self-examination and realization, i.e., New Age, religious, literature , psychology, etc. These sessions draw on the ground-breaking tools discovered by Bert Hellinger in the 1980s and 90s and since refined by Prof Franz Ruppert.

Prof Ruppert IoPT’s method, using the sentence of intention, works to clarify who you are so that you can begin to understand what you really want.

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In the past fifty years the world culture has been subtly moving into the Age of Quantum. So much in our lives has expanded to quantum - the internet, with its quantum access to information; our lives with quantum choices - straight, gay, transgender, atheist, spiritualist, conservative, radical; super computers and the new sciences uncovering the quantum interconnections of the known internal and external universe. 

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And now I.D. sessions, bringing quantum discoveries to the most intimate and important aspects of your life. The sessions are capable of being shared with others so that you don’t have to carry all the emotional burden of what has happened in your life (which is also quantum). You do not need to be re-traumatized, damaged or hurt by a quantum influx of memories.

The fact that I.D. sessions work is a testament to quantum mechanics.  Here is a 15 minute edit of an I.D. session (called IoPT in Europe).


In the journey to self discovery and realization the cutting-edge science of quantum is critical when it releases us from constrained and damaging dynamics within us Quantum can help us understand that we are part of a vast and miraculous universe and that our minds (often caught in Newtonian or even earlier medieval dynamics) are equally vast and miraculous.

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Identity Development sessions allow for what has seemed impossible to become possible. Perhaps this is the best definition of evolution.