In Utero, The Movie

In Utero, produced by the Institute’s director, Stephen Gyllenhaal, was released in 2016 and has attracted world-wide attention for its scientific, breakthrough portrayal of the profound impact of our development in the womb. But the documentary did not present answers on how best to take advantage of this cutting-edge knowledge.

Now this has changed because while distributing In Utero in Europe, Stephen discovered the work of Dr. Franz Ruppert. Having explored various modalities for nearly 50 years, (including CBT, Adlerian, Psychoanalytic, Family Systems, Jungian Analysis, 12-step as well as receiving an MFT degree) it was clear Dr. Ruppert’s method was for him the most impactful in discovering and integrating the deepest aspects of self .

Today, In Utero, the film is part of the training at the Institute and is available to rent at the In Utero website. A study guide is also available.

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