It is striking that if a candidate for any offices mentions that he/she has been involved with any form of therapy it is the “kiss of death.”

For over a hundred years science has increasingly uncovered what impacts the healthy development of a human being. And yet if our leaders admit to availing themselves of these discoveries, they are unelectable.

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Part of the Institute’s missions is to change this dangerous bias, by participating in a campaign to push for the critical importance of electing leaders who have become clear about their weaknesses and strengths using the science of cutting edge psychology as well as common sense.

As the Greeks noted, “an unexamined life is not worth living”. We would add an unexamined leader is a leader not worth electing. 

Perhaps this begins to explain the current state of our nation and the world.

Ironically, The Institute’s focus on Identity Development, using I.D. sessions is not therapy nor is it a substitute for therapy, but it does allow for a deep examination of how lives and psychological identities have been shaped by early experiences.

By uncovering these often buried experiences, clients (potential local, national and world leaders) are able to begin to release themselves from the negative dynamics that so often make them useless or even destructive in office. 

By taking part in these sessions, two very important questions begin to be answered -

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Who am I? (an examined life)

And by answering this first question, you begin to answer the second question

What do I want? 

Because you cannot know what you want, until you know who you are. And it is this second question that informs a great leader. 

JFK notes in his classic book, “Profiles in Courage,” that a great leader “must decide what course he (she) will follow…in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures.”


To be an effective and courageous leader, we must know who we are deeply. We must powerfully know what we want

Then we can lead with clarity and purpose. Then we can participate in changing history for the better, locally, nationally, globally.