ID Sessions in the Age of Quantum Theory

Dare to look at facts and theories, even when incomplete and partly second hand. Risk being ridiculous.
— Dr. Edwin Schrödinger
Founder of Quantum Mechanics and Nobel Laureate

In the past fifty years the world has moved into the Age of Quantum. So much in our lives has expanded to quantum: the Internet, with its quantum access to information; our lives with quantum choices – straight, gay, transgender, atheist, spiritualist, conservative, radical. We have super computers and the new sciences uncovering the quantum inter-connections of the known internal and external universe.

The truth of childhood is stored in the body. We can repress it, but never alter it. Our intellect can be deceived, feelings manipulated, our body tricked with medication. But someday the body will present its bill, for it is as incorruptible as a child – still whole in spirit – who will accept no compromise or excuse. It will stop tormenting us only when we face the truth.
— Dr. Alice Miller

And now I.D. sessions bring quantum discoveries to the most intimate and important aspects of our lives. ID sessions are capable of being shared with others so that we don’t have to carry all the emotional burden of what has happened in our lives (which is also quantum).

We do not need to be re-traumatized, damaged or hurt by a quantum influx of memories.

Modern neuroscience confirms that our self-awareness is rooted in our body… (Distress) can only be healed if people in their whole being experience that “distress is in the past” and they are now safe. The visceral emotions, which means those belonging to the limbic system, have to signal that there is no longer any danger, that there is no longer a need for anxiety, fear, desperation.
— Dr. Harold Behnshaf

In the journey to self discovery, the cutting-edge science of quantum is critical because it releases us from the wounded dynamics within.

Quantum can help us understand that we are part of a vast and miraculous universe and that our minds (often caught in Newtonian or even earlier, medival dynamics) are equally vast and miraculous.

The disappearance of the fear memory suggests that every time we think about the past we are delicately transforming its cellular representation in the brain, changing its underlying neural circuitry… Memories are not formed and then pristinely maintained, as neuroscientists thought; they are formed and then rebuilt every time they’re accessed.
— Jonah Lehrer

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ID sessions are not therapy, nor a substitute for therapy. Like yoga or meditation, ID sessions enhance any therapy, spritual/religious practice or cultural orientation by recovering all of you.