How It Works

Bonding with one’s mother (or mother substitute) is critical to how an identity develops from the very beginning. As an unborn child, infant or toddler, we are extremely vulnerable to various traumas or “troubles” (big and small). These troubles can go unremembered and unaddressed as we grow up.

But these unremembered troubles leave a biological impression in the body, which can be sensed (often very powerfully) in the bodies of the people surrounding us.

The explanation for this phenomena – which we call “resonating” – is emerging from cutting-edge research and clinical work in trauma and attachment therapies and from the “new sciences” of epigenetic and quantum mechanics, as well as from research involving indigenous healing.

What It Means to “Resonate”

Self Care

It is also important to focus on body work – exercise, informed diet, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment and other forms of body healing, including Western medicine when necessary.

After an ID session, a facilitator is available by phone to help process the material that emerges.

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ID sessions are not therapy, nor a substitute for therapy. Like yoga or meditation, ID sessions enhance any therapy, spritual/religious practice or cultural orientation by recovering all of you.