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Identity Development Sessions (ID Sessions) derive from Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations and more recently Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert’s Identity Constellations.

For Individuals

ID sessions facilitate awareness, integration, transformation and informed action. They begin to uncover who we really are, how the identity develops and what is blocking our progress. ID sessions help us understand we can only look to ourselves for substantial change. The I must be the central focus.

Learn to be your full self in relationship with others. Set healthy boundaries. Discover what it is you really want and get it.

For Professionals at Work

ID Sessions can be an effective tool in transforming your work and creative life. Clear what has been stopping you. Move forward, informed and confident, and others will follow. Success is about seeing what others can’t – Galileo, Einstein, Mozart, Curie, Jobs, Warhol, Speilberg.

Let the wisdom of ID Sessions reveal the genius of what unfolds inside each of us. Harness the power of leadership in business, politics, science, and medicine. Unlock your creativity in the arts and media. Bring the fullness of who you are onto a stage, into a board room, and onto a canvas.

For Parents and Expectant Parents

Congratulations! What a wonderful and beautiful journey you are on. There is no higher calling than to raise the next generation.

ID sessions support conscious parenting by allowing you to genuinely nurture yourself. Conceive, be pregnant and give birth in an awakened way. Overcome early developmental issues in your own life and from previous generations which may affect your pregnancy and parenting.

For Those in Recovery

ID sessions are complementary to recovery programs including 12-Step, CBT, DBT, Matrix, EMDR, DM, wellness and nutrition.

Dr. Gabor Mate states “all addiction originates in trauma and emotional loss” and most often are experienced at a very early stage of development (in utero, birth, and early infancy). ID sessions honor these experiences and the process supports acceptance and integration. Grow into the person you have always longed to be.

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ID sessions are not therapy, nor a substitute for therapy. Like yoga or meditation, ID sessions enhance any therapy, spritual/religious practice or cultural orientation by recovering all of you.