Identity development and the movies


It should come as no surprise that an Institute developed in Los Angeles might have its roots in the production of a movie.

In Utero, released in 2016, has attracted world-wide attention for its scientific, breakthrough portrayal of the profound impact of our development in the womb. But the documentary did not present answers on how best to take advantage of this cutting-edge knowledge.

Now that has changed. 

In our travels with In Utero, we encountered a new therapeutic process developed in Germany. It’s called IoPT (Identity-Oriented Psycho-trauma Theory) and addresses the earliest forms of psychological and physiological challenges (i.e., in utero stress and other damaging issues during pregnancy and in infancy). These are the core dynamics that hobble so many of us as we grow up and age.

Identity Development Sessions use the Intention Method based on IoPT theory developed by Prof. Franz Ruppert.

Here is an example of a session, facilitated by Prof Ruppert, which in Europe is called an Identity Constellation:


As with Identity Constellations, an I.D. session is a somatic psychological method that utilizes both the mind and body in the healing process.

When we experience emotional difficulties, the roots are more often than not found in the challenges that we were unable to address while developing in utero or in early infancy (the first 1000 days). This is why it is often hard to cope later, because the issues started so early in our development.

By bringing specific difficult issues to an I.D. session, we are able to safely encounter some of the inner psychological dynamics that are behind our presenting difficulties. We can begin to address them in a far healthier way.

Here Dr. Gabor Mate talks about the safety around these sessions:


It is important to note that I.D. sessions are not therapy nor a substitute for therapy, but they do address powerful internal dynamics, which is why we strongly recommend you include a licensed therapist in this work. I.D.s are a powerful compliment to psycho-therapy and/or other healing practices. For more details and an introduction, we encourage you to attend one of our Tuesday night introductory classes in Los Angeles.