Expectant Parents


Perhaps the most important task of the Institute for Identity Development is to give powerful tools to expectant parents. No job is more important and challenging than bringing another human being into the world.


As cutting-edge science now makes clear the impact of both parents starts at conception and even before. We recommend watching the 45 minute film, The Bond, which presents what we now know is the profound impact of the mother-bond and the father’s role in strengthening that bond.


But what if the unborn child is bonding with a mother who is confused, depressed, anxious or worse (as well as the father)? We live in complex and difficult times. Few of us are genuinely prepared to care for another until we have figured out who we really are and what we really want.

This is where the Institute and it’s Identity Development sessions become invaluable. Generally within a few sessions both parents begin to gather information about their own birth and early infancy and sometimes even a sense of their own in utero experiences.

This may seem impossible, but ground-breaking work in trauma and bonding research, as well as clinical work in Europe, has opened this unexpected door. 

We also recommend reaching out to your future child’s grandparents and even great-grandparents in confirming and/or correcting what has emerged from I.D sessions. This is important, because recent genetic research has uncovered transgenerational issues (traumas and positive influences from previous generations) that affect the genetics of your unborn child.

At first glance this may all seem daunting. It is not. By learning and experiencing how and why you have become who you are, you can work to help your future child become the fullest human being possible - while you are pregnant (and even before).