This winter, the Institute is offering two courses in training to facilitate I.D. sessions. Each course will be ten classes of 3 hours per class - Tuesday afternoons, 2 - 5pm (starting January 15th) and Wednesday mornings, 10am - 1pm (starting January 16th).

Classes will be taught by Senior facilitator, Stephen Gyllenhaal. They will be a mix of lecture, group discussions and one Identity Development session/class with follow-up comments. There will be assigned homework - readings from Prof. Ruppert’s books, as well as viewing various media germane to the subject of the class.

Through 2019, all four courses will be available, depending upon participant signup. 

Participants might also consider traveling to Munich, Germany to supplement Institute workshops by working directly with Prof. Ruppert or go to Oslo, Norway to work with Marta Thorsheim

Facilitator Training in Identity Development - $1000 (ten classes) or $125/class

The Institute will also continue to offer the Tuesday evenings Introductory Workshop - 7pm for orientation, followed by two I.D. sessions starting at 7:30pm. On the second Saturday of each month, there will be a workshop from 10 am - 1pm.

February 15-16 2020 - Marta Thorsheim will be giving her second workshop in Los Angeles

“Who am I in a Traumatized Society? Victim-perpetrator Dynamics and the Way Out”  Workshop & Lecture with Marta Thorsheim, director and founder of the Institute for Traumawork, Norway.

2 Days with Scandinavia's renowned IoPT Therapist and Trainer, Marta Thorsheim.

For the past 25 years Marta Thorsheim has met with clients and workshop participants, to support the enhancements of the healthy aspects of their psychological dynamics, recognizing survival mechanisms and meeting traumatized parts with compassion and love.

Marta Thorsheim is also co-writer of Dr. Ruppert's previous book, Early Trauma.

This is an open workshop in Los Angeles for anyone interested in Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert's groundbreaking theories and practice as supported and refined by Ms. Thorsheim.

All of their books will be available at the workshop.


Marta’s focus will be on starting to relieve the pain from which so many of us suffer, as well as coming to experience and understand the cause of this pain and the cause of their joy.


The Intention Method is based on established theories as well as on Dr. Ruppert’s own research and over twenty-seven years of therapeutic sessions with clients, both in individual and group situations. This framework emanates from two theoretical building blocks and one practical method: The human psyche, Identity, love, sexuality, the perpetrator-victim-dynamic and the Intention Method.

Working in this way Dr. Ruppert and Marta Thorsheim have come to understand that we can only look to ourselves for substantial change. The I must be the central focus. But what is I? How does it develop? What is blocking I development? What enhances it? And how does trauma (and the consequent pain) or bonding (and the consequent growth) affect it? 

How can we live in intimate relationships and in greater social unities, in constructive forms of love and stay healthy? Why is the development of a healthy Identity so difficult? What impact do traumatic life experiences have on this? What impact does healthy early bonding have? How do the trauma of love and other early trauma dynamics form and split our identity? And what options are available to overcome the splits that are hidden deep within our psyche?

*Early Bird pricing of $450 available until 07/01/19. Purchase nonrefundable after 07/01/19.

Price $500 

Early Bird $450

Deposit to hold place till July 1 - $150

Following this workshop Marta will present the first of 5 Modules:

Module 1: 2020  February 18 - 21

4 Days in Los Angeles

The Psyche as a Living Organism

Examining the latest development and general aspects in IoPT. Development of Identity. The phases of a session- in one-to-one settings and/or in group settings.

The objective of the program is to provide a thorough insight into modern trauma theory and treatment for adults, adolescents and children/families. You will learn how trauma affects identity development, the development of our free will, and all other mental structures, including body development and growth. The training also includes the different trauma types and their characteristics as well as how to deal with split parts after traumatization.

I highly recommend Marta’s seminar  to counselors,
therapists and all those working in health care.
– Dr. Gabor Maté

Please note; a portion of your payment will be used for student participation and those in need.

Maximum participants for the training module: 40

Price $650 

Early Bird $600

Deposit to hold place till July 1 - $150

Sign up now to reserve your spot. For further details: