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This winter, the Institute is offering two courses in training to facilitate I.D. sessions. Each course will be ten classes of 3 hours per class - Tuesday afternoons, 2 - 5pm (starting January 15th) and Wednesday mornings, 10am - 1pm (starting January 16th).

Classes will be taught by Senior facilitator, Stephen Gyllenhaal. They will be a mix of lecture, group discussions and one Identity Development session/class with follow-up comments. There will be assigned homework - readings from Prof. Ruppert’s books, as well as viewing various media germane to the subject of the class.

Through 2019, all four courses will be available, depending upon participant signup. 

Participants might also consider traveling to Munich, Germany to supplement Institute workshops by working directly with Prof. Ruppert or go to Oslo, Norway to work with Marta Thorsheim

Marta will be giving a workshop in Los Angeles February 2-3 2019. 

Facilitator Training in Identity Development - $1000 (ten classes) or $125/class

The Institute will also continue to offer the Tuesday evenings Introductory Workshop - 7pm for orientation, followed by two I.D. sessions starting at 7:30pm. On the second Saturday of each month, there will be a workshop from 10 am - 1pm.

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