Two questions lie at the heart of this work: "Who am I?" and "What do I want?" 

These questions go to the core of our existence... they are the basic questions of our lives. Our inability to answer them can demonstrate clearly our state of inner confusion.

Too often, circumstances arise in our lives that are very disturbing and debilitating. This is especially true when we are very young and vulnerable (i.e. developing in utero and in the first 18 months after birth), sending us into emotional shock or overload. When this happens, the brain has an automatic trauma emergency response.

This response creates psychological and neurobiological structures that help us survive the emotional shock, the trauma, and allow us to carry on with a relatively normal life. 

However these structures, and the memory of the emotional trauma, are stored in our subconscious like an imprint. These stored trauma imprints can cause difficulties in both our mind (the way we think and perceive things) and the body (our emotions, how we feel and our physical well-being). 

Emotional trauma also impacts our inner Identity. (“Who am I? What do I want?")

Symptoms like anxiety and depression, eating and personality disorders, behavioral and relational dysfunctions and bodily symptoms can be linked back to previous emotional trauma. 

These are post traumatic symptoms that can be addressed using the Intention Therapy. 

People find this approach to be a powerful and safe way to resolve personal problems and experience more balance and well-being in themselves and in their lives. 

Open Evenings

Open Evenings are every Tuesday, taking place between 7:00pm and 10:00pm at 8733 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. Tele: (323) 450-9455

Between 7:00 and 7:30pm, the basics of IoPT will be discussed. From 7:30 to 10pm we will demonstrate the Identity Constellation using the Intention Method in which anyone can participate. Generally we will try to do two Constellations per evening. 

This is a free workshop. It is open to healthcare professionals and anyone interested in personal growth and self-exploration.

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This is an open and ongoing group. Newcomers are welcome as well as students and interested health professionals. We will conduct a day long seminar of Identity Constellations on the second Saturday of each month from 10:00am to 5:00pm at 8733 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. Tele: (323) 450-9455. 

This workshop is designed to provide an opportunity for those who have a growing interest in the IoPT method and wish to support each other and do continuing personal examinations and exploration. 

The day will be built around Identity Constellations, using the Intention Method.

This is not a closed group and attendance is not compulsory.


Attendance will be $20 in advance and $25 on the day of — to cover costs for the space and refreshments. Those choosing to do a personal Identity Constellation will pay $100 on top of their attendance fee.

Generally five to six Constellation Sessions can be done in a full day’s workshop.

Whether doing a group constellation or one-to-one work, it is recommended to allow two to four weeks between sessions to fully process what has been experienced. 

During the time between constellations, a facilitator will be available by phone to help process the content of the constellation. Because this work is not therapy, nor a substitute for therapy, we recommend that participants strongly consider working with a certified therapist as well.

*It is possible to register for either the Open Evenings or Ongoing Workshop Support Group at the door at the time of the event.

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If we find a way out of our entanglements, if we are able to integrate our splits, and let our feelings flow freely with the current of life, then we are wholly alive, close to reality and close to ourselves.
— Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert