About Us

The Institute of Identity Development is associated with the Institutt For Traumearbeid, (IoPT, Norway), founded by Marta Thorsheim and with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert at Munich University, who developed IoPT.   

Marta Thorsheim will lecture and participate in workshops in Los Angeles, February 2nd & 3rd, 2018. 

Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert will lecture on his IoPT theory and participate in workshops in Los Angeles, August 17th-18th, 2019 and in San Francisco August 24th-25th, hosted by The Institute.

It should also be noted that all IoPT (and I.D.s) facilitators - including the founder, Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert - continue to do Intention Method work on themselves.

Healing and growing is a lifetime’s dynamic. This is as true for the facilitators of IoPT and I.D.s as for the subject.


-Professor of Psychology, Munich University of Applied Sciences

-The founder of Identity-Oriented Psycho-trauma Theory and Therapy (IoPT) and the Intention Method. 

-Author of seven books, available in many translations (including English), which can be purchased here

-Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert's website


-Traumatherapist of IoPT (DGfS/MNKf)

-Offers lectures, workshops and trainings in Norway and internationally

-One of the co-authors of Dr. Ruppert's two latest books

-Has sponsored and co-translated the award-winning documentary, In Utero

-Organizes workshops and events with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert and Dr. Gabor Maté

-Marta Thorsheim's website


Stephen Gyllenhaal (Los Angeles, USA)

-Producer of award-winning documentary, In Utero

-Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (2017)

-Facilitator of I.D. sessions (trained in Norway & Munich)

-Los Angeles I.D. session facilitator

-Internationally acclaimed Filmmaker

-Director and producer of follow-up documentary, In Utero 2

-Stephen Gyllenhaal's website


Jamie Kirdain (Santa Monica, USA)

-Master’s Degree in Systems Counseling (Bastyr University, 2001), plus a BA in Anthropology and an BFA in Creative Writing

-Trainer of IoPT and formerly Family Constellations.  Direct study & practice with Bert Hellinger, the creator of Family Constellations & Franz Ruppert, the creator of IOPT

-Widespread work and study with global healing pioneers & leaders including Marshall Rosenberg, William Emerson, Thich Nhat Hanh, Byron Katie, Magda Gerber, Svetlana Musgtova

-Workshops, private sessions and more information can be found at Jamie’s website