Meet Our Team

Dr. Franz Ruppert

Dr. Franz Ruppert, Professor of Psychology at Munich University of Applied Sciences, is Founder of Identity-Oriented Psycho-trauma Theory and Therapy (IoPT) and the Intention Method. He is the author of seven books, available in many translations (including English), which can be purchased here.

Marta Thorsheim

Marta Thorsheim is an IoPT Traumatherapist (DGfS/MNKf) who lectures and trains internationally and throughout Norway. She is co-author of two books with Dr. Franz Ruppert and sponsored and co-translated the award-winning documentary, In Utero.

Stephen Gyllenhaal
Los Angeles, USA

Stephen Gyllenhaal is the Director of the Identity Development Institute in Los Angeles, California. He trained in Norway and Munich and facilitates ID sessions in person and online. He is the award-winning filmmaker and Producer of the documentary, In Utero. Stephen holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (2017).